Adding Simple Pops of Color to Your Home!

Hohmann Master Bedroom

Colors set the tone. They provide comfort and warmth to any house and add their own personal touch with eye-catching combinations and unique themes. Choosing a color pallet for a home is more difficult than it sounds so instead of painting a whole room that baby blue, try these simple decorating tips to capture the mood you are looking for.


  1. Make a grand entrance by painting your front door a fun color. While realtors say a red door is best when selling a home, add some southern charm by painting a lime green or lilac purple door and do the same for the shutters. Guests will have a conversation piece before they ring the doorbell.


  1. “Let that sink in” – Large, country style sinks are the latest style trend new home owners are using to bring style into the kitchen. Take this moment to upgrade the color of that sink from an eggshell white to a pastel blue or a deep crimson red to really make that backsplash pop. Another idea is to match the color of your sink to your pots and pans or their handles to help tie the room together.


  1. Wallpaper wall – It can be easy to choose a wall to be the coveted “accent wall” by painting with a different hue or shade but you are looking for more texture and tone. Try an accent wall of wallpaper. Choose a pattern or style that still ties the room together. This will add a layer of depth and can be easily changed over the years.


  1. Throw the colors – Furniture can be difficult to find in flashy colors and tend to stay more neutral with browns and greys. Make the couches and mud room benches pop by adding fun throw pillows and a cozy, patterned throw blanket. Throw pillows can be customized to seasons, events, holidays, you name it and allow for new themes throughout your home no matter the month. How about a throw rug on the hardwood floors? These are inexpensive and creative ways to set a new tone.


  1. Look up – Homes with children tend to get a few more colors added to the walls and always trying to scrub the children’s artwork can become an expensive fix. Keep the walls white and instead, paint the ceiling a different hue. Darker colors create a relaxed environment while light pastels will keep the cozy feel without looking so pale. The color will last years longer and keep kids and pets at bay.


  1. Forgotten features – A way to add pops of color to your home is to paint in unexpected areas. This can be as subtle as the shelves on the bookcase, a little more noticeable by painting the stair railings or a more extreme makeover by painting the baseboards. Take elements that are typically white and give them a colorful upgrade.


  1. Picture perfect – As easy as it seems, find artwork that speaks to you to hang on the walls. Dedicate one wall to a certain artist or hang multiple pictures of the same object such as flowers or sailboats. Pictures are a great way to hide blemishes on the wall or fill in empty space. Pictures of the family always earns brownie points, too!


The trick to choosing which color to add into your home is to start with a specific color scheme you want to use. It is one thing to say you want to paint the door yellow and then seeing how many shades yellow comes in can be a headache. Look at tones, look at patterns and find what speaks to you. Adding small pops of color to your home will make it feel more inviting and an easy way to embrace your personality. Find your color and own it!


Share with us how you take the white, to bright!