Year-Round Fun at The Residents’ Club

Residents Club And Pool Complex Two girls in front of pool

In addition to hosting sporting and fitness activities, the Founders Pointe Clubhouse serves as a center for holiday celebrations, themed social events for adults, and special interest clubs. As full-time club coordinator, Erin Gregg keeps the community’s social calendar full with a year-round schedule of exciting events. Enjoy our interview with Erin below! 

Why do you think Founders Pointe is so special?

I truly adore Founders for the people who live here. It is one thing to have a beautiful neighborhood with stunning curb appeal but when you get to know the residents and interact with them that is when Founders Pointe really shines. There are so many unique individuals with amazing back stories and great senses of humor. Founders Pointe has a charm about it when you pull in and see residents out walking their dogs or riding their bikes as families. I’m lucky in that I get to be here at the clubhouse to see the neighborhood grow and to establish connections with the families who call Founders Pointe home.

What is your favorite part of the job?

I have the best job! Not only do I get to interact with the community on a direct level but I get to be on the front line of creating fun for adults and children alike.

What do residents love about the neighborhood?

I think residents and kids love Founders Pointe because of the tight sense of community they share here. Being nestled off the beaten path and in a quiet area, residents and kids are able to ride their bikes, walk their dogs, jog, and take leisurely strolls all while checking in with their neighbors.

Are there events you are particularly looking forward to?

Our most anticipated events are always our holiday events and our Kids’ Night Out events. Memorial Day and Independence Day are right around the corner and everyone comes to the pool to celebrate. We fire up the grill, turn on the music, play some games, and have a good time just relaxing with each other. The Kids’ Night Out is always a crowd pleaser. I’m not sure who has more fun, the staff or the kids, at these themed events. We play games, make snacks, make a craft, and watch a movie. The fresh popped popcorn is always a big hit with the kids!